Since Mentoring Academy opened its doors in 2012, we've documented the school year through photos and videos. Under the "Archives" header, you will see  a series of individual pages for each school year and our Extraordinary programs. There, you will get a taste of what the school and the Mentoring Community is about. Not everything is posted nor are we able to post everything, respecting the wishes of some parents and students to not be on the web.

However, we ARE working on a non-public Archive for current and former parents, staff, and students to download photos and video of the school year. Extraordinary Programs! Graduation! Community Dinners! Its a work in progress but we should be opening that up privately by Dec. 2019.

If you are a former student or parent and would like access to these archives, please email


(510) 345-3000 ext. 1

Mentoring Academy CEEB CODE: 054722

Mentoring Academy

5951-B College Avenue                         

Oakland, CA 94618