Science and Mathematics

Our Language Arts and Social Studies courses are taught and constructed by mentors. However, if a student desires to take a course not offered during a semester, Mentoring Academy's mentors , the Head of School, and  the student will find a course that the student desires to take and will provide a teacher to mentor the student through the course. Some of the alternative courses offered are listed below. 




Courses                        Semester(s)      Credit(s)

AP Chemistry               2                            4 units

Prep for AP

Chemistry                     2                            4 units

Math Review for

AP Physics                     1                           1 units




Courses                        Semester(s)       Credit(s)

Biology                          2                           4 units

Chemistry                     2                           4 units

Earth Science               2                           4 units

Science                          2                           4 units

Physical Science           2                          4 units

Physics                           2                          4 units

AP Biology                     2                          4 units

AP Chemistry                2                          4 units

AP Environmental

Science                           2                          4 units

AP Physics B                  2                          4 units


Physics                           2                          4 units


Open Yale Courses


Courses                       Semester(s)        Credit(s)

Controversies in

Astrophysics                1                            4 units

Frontiers of


Engineering                 1                            4 units

Yale Freshman

Organic Chemistry     2                            4 units

Principles of

Evolution, Ecology

and Behavior               2                            4 unit

The Atmosphere,

the Ocean and


Changes                       2                            4 units


The mathematics courses are a blend of original course designs employing materials developed by ALEKS,  with additional materials from Kahn Academy. Mentoring Academy staff  developed instructional,  support, project, reporting and evaluation materials.


ALEKS Math Program

ALEKS is a ground-breaking technology developed from research at New York University and the University of California, Irvine, by a team of software engineers, mathematicians, and cognitive scientists with the support of a multi-million-dollar grant from the National Science Foundation. ALEKS is fundamentally different from previous educational software. At the heart of ALEKS is an artificial intelligence engine that assesses each student individually and continuously. 

For more information on ALEKS, go to: 



ALEKS High School Math


Courses                         Semester(s)      Credit(s)

Algebra Readiness       2                           Not for Credit

Pre-Algebra                   2                           Not for Credit

Algebra 1                       2                           4 units

Algebra 1—Core           2                           4 units

High School

Geometry—Core          2                           4 units


Mathematics I               2                           4 units

Algebra 2                        2                           4 units

Algebra 2 with

Trigonometry—Core    2                           4 units

PreCalculus—Core       2                           4 units

Trigonometry                2                           4 units


ALEKS Specialized High School Math Courses            


Courses                         Semesters         Credit(s)

Math Intervention        1                           Not for Credit

Mastery of SAT Math   1                           1 unit

Math for College

Readiness                      1                           1 unit 

Math for College

Success                          1                           1 unit

AP Statistics

(Quantitative)                2                           4 units

High School Prep

for Statistics                  1                           1 unit

Math Review for

AP Calculus                    1                          1 unit

Fundamentals of

Accounting (

Sole Proprietorship)    1                           4 units

Fundamentals of

Accounting (Corp.)       1                           4 units


ALEKS Higher Education Math (Honors)


Courses                         Semester(s)       Credit(s)

College Algebra             2                           4 units

College Algebra
with Trigonometry        2                          4 units

PreCalculus                    2                          4 units

Trigonometry                 2                          4 units

Introduction to

Statistics                         2                           4 units   

Statistics for the

Behavioral Sciences     2                           4 units

Prep for Calculus          1                           1 unit 

Prep for Calculus

with Limits                     1                           1 unit

Prep for Statistics         1                           1 unit

Math Prep for

College Physics             1                           1 unit


Aventa Math  

Aventa, K-12 is a leading online curriculum provider in the U.S., with over 2.5 million courses served and exceptionally high satisfaction ratings. Their courses are research-based, designed and developed for online delivery from the outset by a team of curriculum experts, teachers, cognitive scientists and course designers. They begin by developing the learning objectives using state and national standards, then map out strategies to best accomplish the objectives. Materials employ online text, graphics, charts, illustrations, interactive demonstrations, offline reading materials or activities, and interactive online discussions to engage students.  Offline experiences include science labs, books, and writing designed to give sufficient practice in key skills that students must master, as well as challenging problems and assignments to develop each student's ability to apply what they've learned in new circumstances.  Clear assessment tools measure mastery of lesson objectives, using both online and off-line tasks.

For more information on K-12 / Aventa explore:


Courses                         Semester(s)       Credit(s) 

Algebra I                        2                            4 units

Algebra II                       2                            4 units

Calculus                         2                            4 units

Consumer Math           2                            4 units

Geometry                      2                            4 units

Integrated Math           2                            4 units

Pre-Algebra                                                 Not for Credit

Pre-Calculus                  2                            4 units

Trigonometry                2                            4 units

AP Calculus AB              2                            4 units

AP Statistics                   2                            4 units

Calculus                          2                            4 units