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The News Reports  Bay Area Parents'  Concerns: 

•    So much education did not happen during the shelter in place.

•    Large classes resulted in my young person being left out.

•    Although bright and wanting to learn, the school does not fit my student’s needs.

•    How can we help them recover from this experience?

Mentoring Academy Programs to Address the Problems

In each of the following programs, whether via Zoom, or  in-person at our site on College Avenue near Rockridge BART, the classes are very small, 2 to 7 students to provide personal attention. Professional mentors engage each student in class and in individual meetings to master the content, motivation and other issues that impact student’s success and self-view. There is a commitment to developing relationships among the students and each one’s being a part of the community.

The following is a quick summary. For more detailed information and to get your questions answered, please call John Muster, head of the Academy at

510-345-3000 ext. 1.

Fall High School Program

The high school program is fully accredited, college preparatory, personalized, relationship driven, community based and mastery oriented. We identify each student’s evolving skills, needs and goals, then support their growth through active engagement with projects, content, fellow students and mentors. Please visit our website.  



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Using Internet Zoom so prospective families can actively participate.

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The Session Content:

•    Facilitates conversations with current school personnel, students and parents.

•    Provides answers to specific questions about the support students need to grow from eighth graders to college students.

•    Identifies the main features of Mentoring Academy and specific needs of potential students so families can make informed decisions about applying. 


Mentoring Academy
It is the relationships and the individuals that really matter.


Mentoring Academy is a community of learners who strive to meet the unique needs of each student academically, socially, and psychologically.


It is a fully accredited, independent, progressive, college preparatory high school community that fosters dramatic student success.


Our goals are to:

* Provide the most effective and engaging learning environment possible;

* Support individual students as they explore human achievements and relate those advancements to their own interests;

* Facilitate development of each student as a successful young person.


High school should not be painful,
should not be lonely,
and certainly should not contribute to loss of self-worth


For many of us, COVID-19 is new ground and we find ourselves adapting weekly if not daily to our surroundings. Mentoring Academy transitioned fairly soothly in mid March when Gov. Newsom's Shelter-in-Place took affect and we have been teaching online ever since. We are still holding our classes. Students are still presenting their reports to the whole school. And we are in constant contact with students and parents through email and programs like Zoom.

Some schools have recently announced no more in-person classes for the remainder of the school year and have switched to distance learning. This could involve any number of things from online classes to lesson packets sent. Here are some of the advantages of a smaller school like Mentoring:

Effective Class Size

Smaller class sizes makes for a more manageable and effective learning environment than a larger class held on Zoom and other online softwares.

Better Follow Up

A smaller school allows for better follow up with parents and students. Teachers are able to communicate easier with students and parents and not be bogged down with too many students.

Community Matters

You might be finding, with more time at home, that you are checking in more with family and friends or that your son or daughter is missing the social contact of peers. Mentoring Academy has a very strong community. From our Parents Group MAPs to the student interaction, with a small school, all the students know each other and are involved in each other's lives. A solid peer group helps with feelings of alienation or boredom at home.

Easier to Maneuver

Larger schools need time to change course. With a smaller school like Mentoring Academy, we are better able to adapt to the weekly changes of life under COVID-19. This involves training of staff and students to online software to changes in schedules. If we, thankfully, flatten the curve and the Shelter-in-Place is lifted before June, a small school can flip that switch easily back to classes held at school.

If you want to discuss more the advantages of a smaller school system, reach out to our Director John Muster at or call 510-345-3000 ext. 1. Or visit us at one of our upcoming ZOOM INFORMATION SESSIONS.