School Year: 2014-2015

The year was one of transition for the school with some students leaving mid year with new ones enrolling. Staff also transitioned out as some teachers left by year’s end.



Year 3 began the year with 24 students (9 female and 15 male). By year’s end, there were 19 students (6 female and 13 male). Staff, including teachers and administrators, was at 14 for the year’s end.



The year began with the fall retreat to an organic farm called Oz, which involved apple picking.


Instead of February’s ski tip (no snow), the school went to Monterey Bay to visit the aquarium, kayak, and stay in a hostel.


March involved the school visiting the Mt. Wilson observatory in Southern California in the San Gabriel Mountains along with a trip to Alcatraz island in the Bay Area.


Mentoring Academy’s extraordinary trip for 2014-2015 was to Poland. Students, teachers, and some parents visited Warsaw, Krakow, Auschwitz, a school in Rawa Mazowiecka, Lodz, Torun (birthplace of Copernicus), and more.


The school capped off the end of the year with a camping trip to the Big Basin Redwoods State Park in the Santa Cruz Mountains.



Classes offered included courses in the Sciences, History, Digital Arts, Photography, English, Mathematics, French, Health, College Prep, and Physical Education. Some students completed their Physical Education classes by bouldering and working on a slack line at the Bridges Rock Gym two days out of the week. As part of the Bay Area Cultures program, students visited downtown San Francisco to walk the old Barbary Coast Historic Trail to learn about early Bay Area history.



For the school’s second graduation ceremony, three students graduated and were accepted to U.C. Santa Barbara and Loyola Louisiana.

Investigating Monterey History and Wildlife
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Academy explores Alcatraz Prison, History and Political Prisoner Art Show
Pumpkin Painting

Posted October 25, 2014

The pumpkin painting and costumes were great fun.  Students are making solid progress in their academic work. Issues of social interaction, handling distractions, self-confidence, and other related young adult concerns punctuate the life and times at Mentoring Academy.

Mentoring Board Members Ed Taylor and Alan North,  Publish Important Books

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ESSENTIALS OF DEVELOPMENTAL ECONOMICS -- J. Edward Taylor, UC Davis Professor, Mentoring Academy Alumni and Fellow of the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association


Written to provide students with the critical tools used in today’s development economics research and practice, Essentials of Development Economics offers a broad overview of key topics and methods in the field.

OF LOVE AND STONE --Alan S. North, author of the Urban Adventure Handbook, entrepreneur and thoughtful educator


A wonderful, heartfelt, well received account of Alan's reeling from the loss of his home and family coupled with his returning to Yosemite to rock climb after a 28-year hiatus.  He interweaves a story of decline with one of rejuvenation, wrestling with the meaning of weakness, strength, failure, and success.


Mentoring's Health and Social Studies mentor, Karen Rhein, took a three-week leave to go to Tanzania, where she worked with Health Professionals and Students.


Each year Mentoring Academy takes a break in late February or early March to explore California's recreational possibilities.  When there is snow, we go to the Sierra Mountains.  No snow?   Off to Monterey, or the coast.




2015 Poland

This spring the academy moved to a palace in Poland,  between Warsaw and Cracow. 

From that location we examined the home and museums of Copernicus, the history of Polish government, universities, and WWII events.  Mentoring Academy students teamed up with Polish high school students, met the Vice-Premier of the government following the Soviet rule, and explored Poland's history and contributions.


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The Mentoring Academy's Extraordinary Program in Poland is complete. We all arrived home safely on

the 23rd of April, tired and enthusiastic.




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