"Our son has been very happy at the Mentoring Academy this year.

He is able to pursue classes that really engage him. He is taking accredited high school classes as well as two college classes. The Staff has a great rapport with students and encourages their intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. I think this school would work well for a lot of different kinds of students--certainly for bright, outside of the box kids, but also for students who are still figuring

out what their passions are. The Mentoring environment encourages students to take the good kinds of risks-to try new kinds of classes and to learn about new things, in a supportive environment.

—Parent of Mentoring Academy Student

"At my old school you could do something great, at Mentoring you can do something extraordinary."

—Graduate from the class of 2015

"We had a great experience with the Mentoring Academy after a disastrous experience with a small private school. Mentoring provides a self-paced, individualized learning experience. The director, John Muster, is a caring and engaged individual. He will spend significant time and energy getting to know your child and designing a program that is a good fit. Mentoring is an all-day school with little to no homework (schoolwork is done during school hours, 9-5:30). This is a wonderful relief if you and your child are tired of homework dance."

—Parent of Mentoring Academy Student, Class of 2019


"Most schools try to fit the student to the school. At Mentoring Academy,  they fit the school to the student."

—Parent of Mentoring Academy Student, Class of 2019


"We recommend Mentoring Academy to parents who want more for their teenagers than an assembly line-style of education.  Mentoring tailors programs to address the needs and interests of individual students, inspiring in them a passion for learning and the courage to be different.  Our son loves going to school everyday, and he has a point of view on everything.  We can't imagine a better school for our son than Mentoring.  It's truly special.  The world would be a better place if there were more schools like it."

--Parent of Mentoring Academy Student from the Class of 2017