A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Young Person,


Leaving the familiar world of one school and starting life in a new environment, like the whole process of becoming an adult, can be both exciting and daunting.  Growth includes resolving complex social issues, responding to academic demands, dealing with expectations at home, and figuring out how you want to respond to each new change you face. How can one juggle it all?


The social life of teens is very important and each person needs to be successful —at the same time, school is very important and each person needs to be successful there as well. How do we handle shifting friendships, making new friends, dealing with homework, preparing for demanding tests, maintaining family relationships, figuring out how to learn and grow, yet still enjoy it?


How do we get to know ourselves better? Not easy, but not really difficult either. The key is identifying and developing the needed skills while enjoying the great adventure.


The goal of this program is to help you build on the essential skills you currently have, identify how to improve them, and then, with others like you, enjoy growing, learning and mastering needed skills. In short—to make high school more successful and enjoyable so you can do well and still have a life.


As a community, we explore together.

Our best to you wherever you wind up.

John Muster

Mentoring Academy Founder & Director

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