Frequently Asked Questions About Our Summer Programs

Does my child have to be a current student at Mentoring Academy to attend one of the Summer Programs?

No, Mentoring Academy is open to any high school student or incoming 9th grader. 

What is Bridge Camp?

The transition form middle school, into high school is a big one. Apart from the anxiety that arises from interacting with peers, comes the anxiety around talking with teachers, feeling confident in writing papers or performance in mathematics. Bridge Camp helps make this transition easier. Students interact with peers and form relationships with mentors, who help them in their communication skills. Academically, we find out where their skills are in math and we attempt to develop those skills further and close any gaps they may be missing in their mathematical skillsets. For writing, we teach them how to write analytical essays and reports. 

What is the difference between Credit Recovery and Summer School?

Credit Recovery is for students who had trouble completing a course and Summer School is for students who want to advance in their academic plan, desire to take AP courses, or explore electives. 

What courses are offered for Summer School and Credit Recovery?

Mentoring Academy is designed to fit the needs of each individual student. That being said, our courses span accross discplines. In the past, we have offered Cooking, Mechanical Engineering, World History, Algebra, Chemistry and more. Prospective Students and families are required to have a meeting with the head of school to go over which courses can be taught and in what appropriate setting.

How are courses taught?

As mentioned before, we are dedicated to finding out what works for the individual. Some individuals learn best in a seminar style setting, others learn best by taking online courses. Our goal is to try to work with your student by meeting them where they are at, and furthering their skills, while developing others. Gaging a style of mentoring will be discussed in the meeting between you, your family, and the head of school.

When do the Programs take place and for how long?

Our Summer Programs run from June 25th-August 10th, 2018. But because the Programs are all personalized, we look at the structure and the payment as being a weekly plan. Students are not required to stay for the entire 7 week program, but can stay for as long as it takes to complete the course. Some have choosen to stay for a week, others the entire length of the program, we have even had cases where students begin the first week, leave for some time, then return for the final week. It is a personalized program. The weekly plan will not affect your students performance or the structure of the course. 

How long is a normal day?

All of our Summer Programs are in session from 9am-4pm. However, because it is a personalized program, students can come for half days. So they can begin at 9am and leave by 12pm, or they can start at 12pm and leave at 4pm. Schedules are based on what works best for families. The details of schedulig can be discussed in the meeting with the head of school. 

How much are the Summer Programs and do you have tution assistance or financial aid?

All of our Summer Programs are $600 per week. However, the $100 deposit you are required to pay upon signing up is applied to your first week of tuition. We offer variable tution for some families who exhibit financial need, however it is not guarnteed. This is apart of the conversation that will be had between the parent(s)/guardian(s)  and the head of school.


Why do I have to pay $100.00 dollars when signing up for the program?

We have a $100.00 non refundable placement fee for all of our Summer Programs, which reserves your students spot. We want to make sure that we are clear on the total enrollment for our programs and which courses we need to prepare. The $100.00 will be applied to your first week in the program. So instead of paying $600.00 for the first week, you will be paying $500.00

What is the process for signing up for one of the Summer Programs? 

If you are interested in any of our Programs, contact to schedule a meeting time with the Head of School. After meeting with the head of school and determining whether or not our Programs are the right fit for you, your schedule, etc., you will be asked to fill out our application online or submit a hardcopy with the $100 non-refundable deposit. From there, you will have to fill out our Release Form packet. After, your child is ready for Summer!