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John Muster, Ph.D.

Founder & Director
  • Former Head Teacher of Maybeck

  • Head of Residential Home for Adolescents

  • Founded Innovative High School

  • Taught in Public High Schools, Otterbein College, Austin Peay State University, UC Berkeley, and UCB Extension

  • WASC Team Leader

  • Research in Impact of Instruction on Cognition

John's Story

Dr. John Muster is the founder and Head of the Academy.  He received formal undergraduate and Masters level education in astronomy, physics, mathematics, and communications. John obtained a State of Ohio teaching certificate in physics, mathematics, and communication. His research and doctoral work is in educational and cognitive psychology, focusing on the impact of instruction on cognition and learning.

In previous endeavors, John headed a residential treatment facility for adolescents; has nearly fifty years of experience in education as a high school, college and university level teacher; has founded two high schools, headed a third; and was the Acting Director of the American Association of Physics Teachers.  

Nobel Scientist Interviews

His work has included the live interviewing and recording of the Nobel prize winners in atomic physics; this project resulted in a publication of taped interviews of these scientist-luminaries in which they describe their work, textbooks in history, physics and computer science and numerous experiments on the impact of learning.  At this time, students at Mentoring academy are digitizing the original interviews from reel to reel tapes are cleaning up digital recordings to improve the audio quality.  They will re-edit the tapes and make them available on the Mentoring Academy web site.

John has spent much of the last 15 years working with individual students in identifying their learning difficulties and in developing solutions with them.


Get in touch with John.

510-345-3000 ext. 1

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