Graduation requirements include completion

of four years of English (eight semesters).



Graduation requirements include three years of mathematics, including:

     1) Algebra (two semesters)

     2) Geometry (two semesters)

     3) Advanced Algebra (two semesters)


Additional math courses available:

     Pre-Calculus (two semesters)

     Calculus (two semesters)



Graduation requirements include completion of two Laboratory Sciences, one in Life Science and one in Physical Science:

Life Sciences:

     Biology (two semesters)

     AP Environmental Science (two semesters)


Physical Sciences:

     Chemistry (two semesters)

     Physics (two semesters)


Social Studies 

Graduation requirements include completion of at

least three years, including:

     1) World History (two semesters)

     2) US History (two semesters)

     3) American Government (one semester)

     4) Economics (one semester)


Visual or Performing Arts

Graduation requirements include completion of at

least one year-long course from:

     1) Visual Arts, 2D (two semesters)

     2) Visual Arts, 3D (two semesters)

     3) Photography (two semesters)

     4) Art History

     5) Publications/Yearbook

Extraordinary Program

Each year Mentoring Academy students and staff engage in an Extraordinary Program which investigates an international or national cultural experience such as: Washington D.C., Poland, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala and Italy.  The semester course includes many weeks of advanced study, student reports and a 10 day study program in the selected site.

Area Vocational,

College Programs (AVCP)


This program  enables juniors and seniors to earn college credits at local institutions of higher education. While these courses will not appear on Mentoring Academy transcripts, they will be noted on the transcript if the class meets a requirement (e.g., Foreign Languages).

Online Course

Offerings for Electives

or Alternate Courses 


Foreign Language

Graduation requirements include completion of at least two year-long courses in the same foreign language (four semesters). Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese are available in a classroom setting with a mentor. Other options supported by mentors but delivered through BYU online include a variety of modern languages, Latin, and American Sign Language.

Physical Education

Transfer students must complete a minimum of four semesters of physical education (unless the pupil has been exempted pursuant to the provisions of EC Section 51241).

All students are enrolled in two units of physical education every semester they are in attendance.  Course requirements are completed partially in activities at school or in travel, the remainder is in student initiated physical activities.


Graduation requirements include completion of one semester (usually class meets less often for the full year).

Community Service

Graduation requirements include completion of at least 80 hours of approved community service, preferably across multiple years.

Life Skills

Graduation requirements include completion Essential Life Skills (one semester).

Bay Area Cultures

Graduation requirements include completion of at least five units of the Bay Area Cultures Seminar.

Mentoring Academy is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

Mentoring Academy CEEB CODE: 054722

High School Graduation and Requirements