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2021 is here! With COVID-19, perhaps your child has fallen further behind and needs help getting back on course? Maybe there is make up work to be done? 
Mentoring Academy can help!
Be it an online course, or, if we flatten the curve, a class live and in person, Mentoring has a full range of courses to choose from that are A-G compliant with the UC system.
Email Director John Muster at johnmuster@mentoringacademy.org for more information or visit one of our upcoming Zoom Information Sessions.
Want to learn more about Mentoring Academy but can't leave the house? Now you and your child can see and learn all about our school from one of our NEW ZOOM INFORMATION SESSIONS.
Email our Director John Muster at
johnmuster@mentoringacademy.org to set up you own personal appointment.

Tuesday, 2 June - Monday, 7 June

Extraordinary Program

Tuesday, 8 June - Wednesday, 9 June

Extraordinary Program Day Trips


Thursday, 10 June

Rest Day


Friday, 11 June

Prep for Graduation


Saturday, 12 June


Sunday, 13 June

All School Lunch and mIniature Golf


Monday, 14 - Friday, 18 June

Staff Meetings


Wednesday, 16 - Friday, 18 June

Student/Parents/Mentors Conferences

Monday, 28 June

Summer School Begins

Friday, 13 August

Summer School Ends

Monday, 23 August - Friday, 27 August

Staff Development Meetings

Sunday, 29 August - Thursday 2 Sept.

Fall Retreat

Monday, 16 September

Labor Day 

Wednesday, 8 September

Fall Classes Begin

Monday, 22 November - Friday 26 Nov.

Fall Break


Want to visit a museum but they are closed or are on the other side of the globe? Good News! Many museums have an online option. Each visit varies from Google Street Views to YouTube Videos to VR Walk Throughs of the museum. Each experience is different and that is part of the fun of exploring.

Look at the list below and follow the link to begin your exploration:

National Museum of Natural History


Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian American Art Museum


National Museum of Iraq


Hintze Hall, NHM London


The Louvre

The British Museum


The Museum of the World

Metropolitan Museum of Art


Metropolitan Museum of Art’s #MetKids


The Museum of Natural Sciences


The National Museum of Computing


The VR Museum of Fine Art


The Ufizzi Gallery


Benaki Museum


The Frick Collection


The J. Paul Getty Museum


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)


Musée d’Orsay


Museo Frida Kahlo


The National Gallery


The National Gallery of Art




San Francisco Museum of Modern Arts


The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


The Van Gogh Museum


The Vatican Museums




Help support Mentoring Academy by shopping with Amazon Smile and choosing Mentoring as your nonprofit to donate to.


A percentage of the purchases you make with Amazon will go towards sustaining our mission. Click the button below to register. 


You still have time to have your son or daughter learning, thriving, and moving forward with their education this school year. E-mail or Call Mentoring's Director John Muster for all your questions and concerns.

Ready to sign up? Just click the button for our application form and e-mail or mail it to us.

Johnmuster@mentoringacademy.org         510-345-3000 ext. 1


In November, Mentoring Academy had its Socially-Distanced Safety Education Day where Students and Mentors could get certified in First Aid and CPR. This was also one of the few times we could all meet in person rather than on Zoom.


As COVID-19 still keeps many from assembling, Mentoring Academy is off and running with the beginning of the new school year on Zoom. Our FALL RETREAT began with 3 days of activities on Zoom so that Students, Staff, and Parents could get to know each other.


Activities included viewing the documentaries JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE and THE HUMAN ELEMENT with discussions the next day.


Workshops included writing a letter to your future self, Pictionary, Dance Movies, Music Appreciation, and Candy Construction.

Visiting lecturer LISA DOWNING gave a presentation called "So You Want More Happiness?"

Day 2 involved and VIRTUAL MUSEUM TOUR from a selection of museums from around the globe.

And JOHN MUSTER did a presentation on how to make Bread.

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Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 12.06.13 PM
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Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 11.38.17 AM
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berkeleyside image 2.001.jpeg

The News Reports  Bay Area Parents'  Concerns: 

•    So much education did not happen during the shelter in place.

•    Large classes resulted in my young person being left out.

•    Although bright and wanting to learn, the school does not fit my student’s needs.

•    How can we help them recover from this experience?

Mentoring Academy Programs to Address the Problems

In each of the following programs, whether via Zoom, or  in-person at our site on College Avenue near Rockridge BART, the classes are very small, 2 to 7 students to provide personal attention. Professional mentors engage each student in class and in individual meetings to master the content, motivation and other issues that impact student’s success and self-view. There is a commitment to developing relationships among the students and each one’s being a part of the community.

The following is a quick summary. For more detailed information and to get your questions answered, please call John Muster, head of the Academy at

510-345-3000 ext. 1.

2020-2021 High School Program

The high school program is fully accredited, college preparatory, personalized, relationship driven, community based and mastery oriented. We identify each student’s evolving skills, needs and goals, then support their growth through active engagement with projects, content, fellow students and mentors. Please visit our website.  



*** NEW***

Make an appointment that works for you!

Email John at johnmuster@mentoringacademy.org to set up an appointment.

Using Internet Zoom so prospective families can actively participate.

For meeting invite, please click the button below

to send an email to John Muster



The Session Content:

•    Facilitates conversations with current school personnel, students and parents.

•    Provides answers to specific questions about the support students need to grow from eighth graders to college students.

•    Identifies the main features of Mentoring Academy and specific needs of potential students so families can make informed decisions about applying. 


Mentoring Academy
It is the relationships and the individuals that really matter.


Mentoring Academy is a community of learners who strive to meet the unique needs of each student academically, socially, and psychologically.


It is a fully accredited, independent, progressive, college preparatory high school community that fosters dramatic student success.


Our goals are to:

* Provide the most effective and engaging learning environment possible;

* Support individual students as they explore human achievements and relate those advancements to their own interests;

* Facilitate development of each student as a successful young person.


High school should not be painful,
should not be lonely,
and certainly should not contribute to loss of self-worth