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Are you reaching your limits homeschooling your teen?

You've been homeschooling your kid through elementary and middle-school; you made it through the Covid years. You are proud of what you have achieved together.

But recently, you've started to wonder if you're reaching your limits. Are you still able to give your teen what they need? And what will you do if homeschooling no longer is the way to go?

Your options don't look that promising:

  • Your teen might fall through the cracks socially and academically in our huge, anonymous high schools with overworked teachers

  • Private schools - while smaller - still seem to follow the same cookie-cutter model that doesn't do justice to your student's talents and needs.

What makes Mentoring Academy different?

  • We are a small school

    • 2-5 students per class

    • We are an inclusive and kind community where relationships flourish

  • We focus on academic, social, and emotional skills

  • We offer extensive 1-1 mentoring

  • We provide an inventive curriculum that balances creativity, academic rigor, and cultural awareness

Please reach out to our founder John Muster directly if you are interested in discussing your student's specific needs. He can be reached at or via this form . We look forward to connecting with you!

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